PMBR Combination Review


Get the most in MBE prep. Build the foundation to your Bar Review course by starting with a 7-day intro course to the 7 subjects tested on the MBE portion of the bar exam and calm anxiety between bar review and exam day with an MBE course that builds your confidence and maximizes your score.

On-demand delivery
Includes PMBR Red Book


Build endurance, get focused, and enter the mindset to pass the bar.

Strategic Timing

Bridge the end of your general bar prep and the exam with a full MBE practice exam and 2 days of review.

Insider Knowledge

Learn the finer points of the relevant law typically not covered in general bar review lectures.

Score Insight

Get strategies to tackle the toughest questions, and learn how to get extra points that can make the difference between passing and failing.

On-Demand Delivery

Watch sessions from your home for ultimate convenience.


Includes the PMBR Red Book

With over 650 practice questions and explanations, this is the workbook for supplemental MBE practice questions.

The confidence and power to pass the bar

The PMBR Red Book, Qbank, 200-question simulated exam, and 14 hours of instruction give you every opportunity to maximize your score on the MBE.


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