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MBE experts for 40+ years

The PMBR program pioneered the use of question-based preparation in Bar Review. We teach the legal concepts most frequently covered on the MBE—plus the different types of questions asked on the bar exam.

The gold standard

More than 1 million students have trusted PMBR to prepare them for the multiple choice portion of their bar exam.
A simulated MBE exam

The best way to prepare for the MBE portion of the bar exam is to practice with a full length MBE exam. Take 200 questions in a timed setting, so you are prepared for exam day.

MBE tips and strategies

PMBR helps you to develop deep knowledge for all the subjects tested—plus learn the tips and strategies you need to be fully prepared and maximize your score.

Practical, question-based review

Learn how to answer MBE questions efficiently through question-based review.

3-Day Review Course


On-demand review for your final days of studying
Designed to give you extra MBE focus after your commercial bar review course—but before test day.
Full-length simulated MBE
Take a timed, full-length exam, followed by 2 days of review with test tips and strategies.
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7-Day Review Course


On-demand review before you start a course
Helps you prepare for MBE questions before you start your commercial bar classes.
Strategy for MBE questions
Introductory online practice tests and question-based review lectures for each topic that will be tested on the exam.
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Combination Review


Both 7-Day and 3-Day Review Courses
Prepare before and after your commercial bar review course by learning topics tested on the exam, followed by a simulated MBE practice exam.
Strategy and realistic practice
Get introductory online practice tests and question-based review lectures for each topic that will be tested on the exam. Followed by a timed full length exam and 2 days of review with test tips & strategies.
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PMBR QBank Released


Get an added edge to your MBE prep. Practice with over 1200 MBE questions that have been previously tested on the bar exam.

PMBR QBank Enhanced


Test your knowledge answering 1300 questions with enhanced explanations. These "mini lessons" ensure that you not only know the right answer, but understand WHY it's right.