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700 MBE® Flashcards Added to PMBR

June 15, 2020 - PMBR Qbank Enhanced now includes 700 MBE® flashcards.

Test your knowledge and memorize rules for the most heavily tested MBE® topics with 700 digital flashcards - now available in the PMBR Qbank Enhanced.

Based on learning science best practices for mastering content, 20 cards are introduced per topic each day for students in the Study Sessions.   

The deck in the PMBR program uses spaced repetition, which provides efficient and effective learning.  The spaced repetition algorithm introduces you to a variety of cards spaced out in order to increase memory retention - the intervals between when you see certain cards actually help you remember that content

Since this spacing method is more efficient than traditional study methods and aligns to each student's personal strengths and weaknesses, you save time studying while increasing the amount of information you learn and retain. 

Since we know you may like to use these flashcards on the go, mobile devices will work with the flashcards and stay synced with web usage. 

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