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Qbank Released
Qbank Released

Qbank Released


Practice with questions that previously appeared on the MBE®

The NCBE® regularly releases actual questions that previously appeared on the bar exam. Test prep providers like PMBR are able to integrate these questions into our question banks.

Unlike other providers that mix released questions into their products, PMBR clearly defines our Qbank of released questions. While it's a great idea to prep with previously-tested questions, we think it's important to note that released questions may include topics and approaches that won't appear on future exams.

Using the Released Qbank along with your PMBR Review Course or your PMBR Enhanced Qbank is a good way to gain exposure to actual questions and topics and question types that are likely to appear on your exam.

The Released Qbank includes 1,200 MBE questions released by the NCBE®.

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